Team-based fitness challenges
to keep you motivated and accountable

It's easy to get off track with being active.

You know that no matter what your goals are - losing weight, gaining muscle, keeping up with your kids or just staying healthy, being active takes consistency.

But life throws curveballs at you around every corner. It's easy to skip a day. But then a day becomes a week, a week becomes a month, a month becomes 6 months and suddenly you're not feeling as good as you once did.

FitSquad aims to change that. We use a team-based approach, together easy goal setting and real rewards to help you be active consistently, week in, week out.

In other words: We're making fitness a team sport

How FitSquad Works

Getting started with FitSquad is simple.

Step 1
Create your profile

After you download the app, you'll answer some simple questions about

Step 2
Join (or Create!) a Squad

FitSquad is all about joining or creating that a like-minded squad that will help you with your exercise consistency and accountability.

Browse available squads by various tags or create your own and invite friends and family to join in.

Step 3
Earn Points For Your Squad

Everything in FitSquad revolves around earning points.

You earn points for every minute you're active so the longer you're active and the more intense your activity, the more points you'll earn.

The best part is all activity counts! So whether you do yardwork or burpees, you'll get your credit.

Your points help contribute to you and your Squads' weekly goal. Don't let down your squad!

Step 4
Cheer and be cheered on

With FitSquad we're building a community of positivity and inclusiveness. Your squad mates will cheer you on as you do activity and you can show love in return.

Once you're ready, explore the full FitSquad experience

Join the worldwide community
of motivated people (like you!)

case studies

What squaddies say

This totally feeds my competitive side. I'm working out longer and more intensely now than ever!

I'm super consistent, but I still enjoy the tracking. Gotta get my points

Love being surrounded by other like-minded, positive women.

I don't want to be the one holding the team back lol!

I've connected with former college roomies in a squad. It's super fun!

I'm in a squad with my dad and my brother. It's surprisingly good at helping hold me accountable.

What Makes FitSquad Different?


All about the squad

FitSquad focuses on harnessing the power of the team to motivated everyone involved. That said if teams aren't your jam you can definitely use it solo if you like!

All levels welcome

All levels of athletes need support and encouragement, from the beginners to the professionals. With FitSquad you'll find a squad that's at your level so you feel right at home,

Goals are smart

Every week your goal will be a little tweaked based on your previous week's performance. Plus at any time you can easily tweak your goal based on your outlook for the week.

It's about consistency, not going HAM

Going all out every day is a recipe for injury and burn out. So FitSquad focuses on building your consistency, week in, week out.

All activity counts

Whether you do HIIT or housework, walking lunges or walking the dog, lift weights or lift children, you deserve credit for staying active, no matter what you do!

No tracker, no problem

No Apple Watch or FitBit? No problem! You can simply and easily log your own activity right into the app. We'll even send you a fun GIF to make you smile when you do 🙂

Ready to get started?

Download the FitSquad app today and find that workout motivation you've been craving!