Push Up Madness

30 day pushup challenge

A March Madness inspired upper body challenge with 30 varieties of pushups all named after college basketball programs

Key Benefits

Increased strength and improved muscular endurance

Hosted By

Mariah Leonard

Challenge Intro Video

Challenge Details

This 30 day upper body challenge is designed to increase strength, improve muscular endurance, add more variety to training and is inspired by the annual March Madness basketball tournament!

In fact all the pushups are named after famous college basketball programs!

In this challenge you will be provided with 30 different push-up variations, one for each day of the month.

As you navigate through this challenge, these push-ups will vary in intensity, difficulty and creative flair, so you can expect something new and exciting each day. There are options for ALL levels.

This challenge fosters resilience, illuminates the benefits of push-ups, provides testimonials, tips for success and videos containing form cues and recommended sets and reps.

Discover new ways to perform the move that we all love… or in some cases hate.

If you successfully complete AT LEAST 20 days of this challenge a donation of 50% of the cost of the challenge will be made to K9’s For Warriors a charity that is determined to end veteran suicides by providing servicemen with emotional support dogs that are rescued from high-kill shelters.

Equipment needed:

- Exercise Mat

- Basketball (or a ball close in size: soccer ball, medicine ball)

- A 12-24 inch flat surface to elevate your feet and your hands (Examples: a chair, couch, ottoman, box, exercise bench)

- A 6-12 inch flat surface to elevate your hands (Examples: a yoga block, a dumbbell with a flat head, a brick, shoe box, curb, a pot, step stool)

Challenge Overview

Day 1 - Jayhawk Jumpoff

Day 2 - Tilted Tar Heel

Day 3 - The Marquette Offset

Day 4 - Purdue Pikes

Day 5 - Downward Duke

Day 6 - Hoosier Daddy

Day 7 - Flying" Blue Hens"

Day 8 - Bruin Bombers

Day 9 - Bucking Buckeye

Day 10 - Tennessee Typewriter

Day 11 - Bearcat Beast

Day 12 - Texas Tiger Bend

Day 13 - UConn Crunch

Day 14 - Kentucky Kick Throughs

Day 15 - The Wichita State Shocker

Day 16 - SPARTANS!

Day 17 - The Flying" Irish"

Day 18 - Blue Devil Beasts

Day 19 - Crimson Tide Cannonball

Day 20 - Florida Gator Fadeaway

Day 21 - Yale Sail

Day 22 - The Providence Push

Day 23 - Saint Mary's Sphinx

Day 24 - The Demon Deacon Dance

Day 25 - The Boilermaker

Day 26 - Villanova Knockout

Day 27 - OK State Three-Armed Cowboy

Day 28 - The Longhorn Liftoff

Day 29 - Baylor Bustdown

Day 30 - The Christian Leitner

Charity Supported

Together We Rise is an organization all about improving the lives of children in foster care, who often find themselves forgotten and neglected by the public.

They provide resources to foster youth and use service-learning activities to educate volunteers on issues surrounding the foster care system.

For every challenger that is successful, 50% of the cost of the challenge will be made to this incredible organization, so as a group we stand to be able to help others in need ♥

How FitSquad 30 Day Challenges Work


30 days of daily instruction

Each day brings you something new, keeping you excited, engaged and motivated towards your goal

50% goes to charity

When you complete your challenge, 1/2 of the proceeds will go to the designated charity

Simple, intuitive tracking

Easily monitor your progress, see your progression and feel your growth

Knowledgeable, dedicated host

The host for each challenge will answer your questions and celebrate your wins

Motivating community

Be surrounded by a community of like-minded people tackling the challenge with you

Risk-free 3 day trial

Pay nothing when you sign-up. 3 days into the challenge, if you're loving it, continue for only $9.99

Happiness Promise

If you're not happy with your challenge for any reason, we'll refund your money. No questions

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