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Our 30 day workout challenges make reaching your health goals easy. With the right leader and right squad you can't fail.

FitChallenge takes a daunting health goal and breaks it down into small, daily actions that over time, will have you achieving your goal with ease!


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What challengers say

This totally feeds my competitive side. I'm working out longer and more intensely now than ever!

image of FitSquad user Remy giving user review
image of FitSquad user giving user review

I'm super consistent, but I still enjoy the tracking. Gotta get my points

Love being surrounded by other like-minded, positive women.

image of FitSquad user Shawn giving user review
Menzie's quote

I don't want to be the one holding the team back lol!

I've connected with former college roomies in a challenge. It's super fun!

image of FitSquad user Hilmo giving user review
image of FitSquad user Shayna giving user review

I'm in a challenge with my dad and my brother. It's surprisingly good at helping hold me accountable.

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