April 6, 2021 Adam Riggs-Zeigen

The Beta Launch is Here!

Everything you need to know to get started with FitSquad

Happy Beta Launch Day Squaddies! 🙌

Today we are excited to share with you FitSquad 1.0 – a fun, new app that will help motivate you to stay consistently active, week in, week out. This email will guide you through the steps to getting started, what to expect in our inaugural Spring Season and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

If you’re the type that just likes to get on with things here are the links to download and install the app:

If you’d like to learn more about what to expect, keep reading! 👀

Quick Bit of Background 💡

First, I just wanted to give you a quick idea of what it’s taken to get here: Over the past year, since the early lockdowns began last April, Topher (my co-founder) and I have been planning, designing and developing what you’re about to experience.

It resulted in over 40,000 lines of code, which, had we been writing a novel, would have stretched out over 400 pages!

Plus, since this has been alongside our day jobs, it’s led to a lot of late nights, weekends and sacrifices 🕯. But it’s something we think the world can benefit from and we’re hopeful you will enjoy the experience 🙏.

That said this is still a beta 😬. While we have been in Alpha testing since December, under the hood is a complex product and there are definitely things that won’t work as well as expected. There are also, without a doubt things that will look a little off design-wise and in general be some rough edges 🗿.

Please be patient with us and let us know what isn’t working, is confusing or just looks wonky. One of the things we hear most often is “I’m sure it’s just me…” but trust me: If you’re experiencing something, no doubt someone else is as well! So please let us know, even if it’s minor. It will really help us out and we promise we will do our best to get it addressed as quickly as we can.

How to Get Started🟢

If you have an 🍎 Apple smartphone

  • Click this link from your phone: https://testflight.apple.com/join/wSoYHdQ0
  • It will guide you through using an app called TestFlight to help with the beta testing
  • Once you click the link you’ll see this screen:
  • Tap the “View in App Store” button. You’ll then go to the App Store to install TestFlight:
  • Once TestFlight is installed you should see a screen that looks similar to this:
  • From here tap “Install”. Once FitSquad is installed, tap the icon and you’re in!

If you have an 🤖 Android smartphone

  • If it’s your first time beta testing, when you tap “Package Installer” you will likely see a screen that says “your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”
  • From there tap “Settings”
  • From the next screen enable “Allow from this source”
  • Tap the back button
  • Continue installing. You should then seen a screen like this:
  • Tap “Install” and you should see this:
  • Tap “Open” and you’re in!

What to Expect With FitSquad 🔮

When you first download the app, it will go through a quick update process and then you’ll go through a (hopefully!) brief account creation process.

When asked for an invite code:

  • If you’ve been invited to a squad, they should have given you a code
  • If not, use the invite code “squadup”
At the end of that process you can either create a squad or join an existing squad.

Your First Two Weeks in FitSquad

Week #1

This will be about getting used to how things work, like:
  • Logging activity ➕
  • Chatting with your squadmates 💬
  • Being amused by daily GIFs 😁
  • Hopefully accomplishing your first goal 🏆
Week #2

You will get more comfortable and familiar with:
  • How the goals work 📈
  • How predictions work 🔮
  • Cheering on your fellow squaddies 👏
  • Deciding on if you’d like to participate in our inaugural season 🤔
Participating in a season does have a cost associated with it, but we’re offering it 100% at cost and it is 100% optional. We think participating in the season will help you feel more motivated and accomplished for sticking with your activity goals, but understand it’s not for everybody.

Spring Season Kick-off 🚀

The week of April 19th kicks off our inaugural Spring Season! This is when the Season officially starts and will run through June 27th (10 weeks).

If, over those 10 weeks, your squad accomplishes 8 of their weekly goals (not easy but doable!) those who participate in the season will earn that season’s medal to showcase their accomplishment as well as earn a donation to the selected charity in their name.

We Hope You Enjoy This! 🤞

While we know everything won’t go according to plan, we do hope you’ll have a fun and motivating experience with FitSquad. If at any time you have issues, are confused, or have cool new ideas, we’re all ears! 👂 Don’t hesitate to reach out as we would love to hear from you – either how awesome it’s going or how we can improve🙂