Why FitSquad?

March 24, 2021
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March 24, 2021 Adam Riggs-Zeigen

Why FitSquad?

In this, our new company’s first blog post, we thought it important to address why  we would even go through the effort of creating something like FitSquad in the first place.


The world is full of “fitness apps” right? Why did it need another one? Why would we sacrifice personal time, work countless hours without being paid and risk looking like failures for something that only has a coin flips’ chance to be around in 5 years?


At the core of this answer is something we fundamentally believe: With a little help, we, as humans, can be better than what we are.


We all have hopes and goals and dreams. We all aspire for things that are beyond our immediate reach and we all want better, healthier lives. And, generally speaking, we’re willing to work for it. After all, we wouldn’t be where we are, had we not been willing to learn, grow and put in effort.


But the reality is, pursuit of “healthier” is difficult. The modern world is full of things that conspire to distract us. Cheap, delicious, addictive food is easily available. Endless entertainment is just a push of a button away, luring us into the comforts of our couches and beds. Work demands have evolved considerably, especially in the last year, and home-life feels like never ending stream of family demands, spouse stresses, home repair projects and just in general trying to figure sh*t out.


It’s no wonder that, though we try, we often fall shy of our healthy pursuits.


Therefore, with our personal and professional landscape changing dramatically, we need new tools to help us fight that good fight to become better. Tools that recognize what it is that inspire and motivate us. Tools that can help us feel good in the pursuit of something that we know is hard. Tools can circumvent life’s simple yet destructive pleasures, taking them head-on with the same tactics those pleasures use, fighting fire with fire!


So we’re building FitSquad with this purpose in mind: Combining the power of the digital world with the spirit of people like you, to combat the challenges, distractions and “easy ways out” the world presents us.


Our belief is that, if we work together, FitSquad will help those who are fighting that good fight to be better, more consistent, healthier people. We think that a tool that combines frequent encouragement, a visualized sense of progression, a meaningful feeling of togetherness and a purpose of supporting causes bigger than ourselves will be a valuable tool in this fight.


And for the invariable moments in which life happens and you get knocked of course, we hope that in FitSquad you find the kind of support that says “Don’t worry – we got you“, your squadmates pick up the slack and together, you keep pressing on.


We can’t do this ourselves. People like you who care about this fight are with us and are at the core of what we’re hoping to accomplish.


While we as developers and designers are putting the framework into place, it’s YOU who are the engine for what’s possible.


We don’t know if we’ll succeed. In business, as in life, there are a never ending stream of obstacles and a lot has to go right to have the kind of impact we hope to have. But we have a limited time on this earth, and we want to do our part to leave it in a better place than how we received it.


FitSquad can be a vehicle for that goal, and is ultimately, the most powerful answer to “Why FitSquad?”.

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